SBC Health Products Senior Management

Our mission is to source the highest quality natural dietary ingredients, formulate specialty remedies and offer effective solutions to maximize optimal living at every age. We are ready to do whatever it takes to meet your business or individual health product needs.


Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen

President/CEO-SBC Health Products

Scott Christensen, President & CEO, has extensive experience in the natural products industry. This includes seven years as VP of Hi-Health Corporation where he was director of sales operations. During his tenure with Hi-Health, stores more than doubled in number and sale revenues tripled. In 1997, Hi-Health Corporation was named “Natural Products Retailer of the Year.” In 2000, Scott left Hi-Health to create SBC Health Products, Inc. Scott has brought together a specialized group of people with expertise in:

International Law and Banking, Cultural Relationships, Freight Forwarding & Logistics, Product Development, Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, International Sales & Marketing, Communications Technology

Since 2000, SBC has assisted in registering new dietary supplements in more than 25 countries. SBC has carefully selected only the best certified GMP manufacturing facilities for production. With 22 years in the natural products and manufacturing industry, he has established trusted relationships with numerous cGMP manufacturers and selects the best facility to match your product requirements.

Scott is an active outdoorsman. He enjoys hiking in Arizona, skiing in Utah and golfing anywhere the grass is green.

Thor Lindvaag

Thor Lindvaag

President of SBC Health Products Europe

Thor Lindvaag has run the SBC Health Products European office since 2004. Thor has been involved in the dietary supplement business since 1988 when he and his wife Solfrid, a surgical nurse, built the Pharma West brand. He then spent seven years in the United States as V.P. of International Sales for a branded Dietary Supplement marketing company. Thor speaks English, German and his native Norwegian fluently which is invaluable when speaking with clients about the needs of their business. Thor’s travels have taken him to more than 70 countries for both business and pleasure. His insight into regional cultures, business processes and international connections creates opportunities for SBC customers. His location in Norway makes telephone communication with SBC’s European partners much easier as this eliminates significant time differences.

Thor has always been an active sportsman. Starting out as a professional soccer player in Norway, he played international matches for the under 21 year old Norwegian team. Thor held the title of youngest Norwegian champion for 48 years and is still passionate about the game.

Corporate Overview

SBC Health Products was founded in 2000 as a new health products company for a new millennium.  Today, SBC Health Products remains committed to our mission to provide effective, natural remedies for optimal living.

SBC Health Products excels in product development services for private label formulation and branding internationally and domestically for your business needs and offers our trusted products directly to the consumer through and  With our home office in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and our European office in Trondheim, Norway, SBC is well positioned to support worldwide growth.  Today we continue to

SBC Health Products can help you find natural solutions to meet your business or individual health product needs.

Dedication to Quality

At SBC, we carefully monitor and document every step of production: from raw material sourcing and analysis, monitoring of the manufacturing process, to final product inspection. The scientific support of our technical services, analytical, quality control and quality assurance groups are unrivaled in our industry.

SBC has carefully selected only the best certified GMP manufacturing facilities for their health products. With 22 years in the natural products and manufacturing industry, we have established trusted relationships with a a variety of cGMP manufacturers and will select the best facility to match your product requirements. We assure high standards on every product produced through on site observation during the manufacturing process, by providing complete manufacturing batch records, and administering post production testing proven Certificates of Analysis.

Our GMP certified manufacturing facilities offer full accountability with vigilant documentation.  All phases of production and performance are monitored by internal and external audits to assess the adherence to the standard operational procedures of each department. We also maintain auditing programs to verify our suppliers’ ability to provide consistent products meeting our strict quality requirements.

We work to continually improve our organization in the way that all work activities are planned, performed, measured, and improved.

SBC makes quality the most important ingredient in any product or service that we deliver.