quality is the most important ingredient that we deliver.

At SBC Health Products, you can be assured that quality is the most important ingredient in any product or service that we deliver.

At SBC Health Products, we carefully monitor and document every step of production from the sourcing of the raw materials and their analysis, to step by step monitoring of the manufacturing process, and finally to the final product inspection. The scientific support of our technical, analytical, and quality control services and assistance from our quality assurance groups are unrivaled in our industry.

SBC has carefully selected only the best certified GMP manufacturing facilities for their health products. With 22 years in the natural products and manufacturing industry, we have established trusted relationships with a a variety of cGMP manufacturers and will select the best facility to match your product requirements. We assure high standards on every product produced through on site observation during the manufacturing process, by providing complete manufacturing batch records, and administering post production testing proven Certificates of Analysis.

Our GMP certified manufacturing facilities offer full accountability with vigilant documentation. All phases of production and performance are monitored by internal and external audits to assess the adherence to the standard operational procedures of each department. We also maintain auditing programs to verify our suppliers’ ability to provide consistent raw materials meeting our strict quality requirements; we only source the highest quality raw ingredients from reliable vendors.

We work to continually improve our organization in the way that all work activities are planned, performed, measured, and improved.  We pride ourselves in timely and ongoing communication with our customers.