SBC Health Products’ Featured Product:

Triactive Biotics(™)

Let us introduce to the best prebiotic- probiotic combination on the market today

Probiotics are organisms such as bacteria that are believed to improve health. Researchers believe that some digestive disorders occur when the balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines becomes disturbed. Probiotics can improve intestinal function and maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestines. These friendly organisms make up 70% of the human immune system.  

SBC Health Products believes that it is not just what you consume that is important, it is what your body will absorb; that’s why we have chosen to make Triactive our first featured product.  The most critical component to any supplement program is first providing a healthy gut so that vitamins and minerals from healthy food and remedy based dietary supplements can be absorbed and effectively go to work supporting a healthy life.

Over the course of 18 months, SBC Health Products worked with the leader in capsule technology and with companies that develop leading edge probiotic strains to develop the most effective prebiotic/probiotic (PRE-PRO) combination delivered in the most unique delivery system in the international marketplace.  Meetings in Europe and the United States brought worldwide technology to this new leading edge product.  Essential Source, a leading dietary supplement marketing company brought this product to market and is rocking the industry with results.  Already nominated for the digestive product of the year in 2015, TriActive Biotics is quickly becoming the industry leader in digestive health.

TriActive Biotics(™) features patented multi-stage Capsule-in-Capsule technology. The Pre-Pro Combo is an example of the Moisture Defense System in action.  The unique moisture defense in TriActive Biotics(™) provides shelf stability at room temperature, making it unnecessary to refrigerate. It combines a probiotic in a sealed HPMC capsule, suspended in a liquid-based prebiotic formula inside of another sealed HPMC capsule. This Moisture Defense System not only creates an external barrier, but it also pulls moisture from the probiotic, so the ingredient remains inactive until it is ready to go to work in your system.  The multi strained probiotic material delivers the strength of 14 probiotics proprietarily blended in the protected inner capsule.  TriActive Biotics(™) effectively releases the prebiotic and probiotics where they need to be in your digestive system.  No other digestive product provides all of these essential components in one product.  Visit now.

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