Proven Formulations

Every day our team of researchers, formulators, and advisors are challenged to create new, innovative products and to improve existing formulations. This focus on proprietary blends makes SBC Health Products a leader in the natural supplement industry.

Our highly trained staff will help you create your own private label products from our existing line of SBC products and proprietary formulations. Our formulation team of doctors, PHD’s, chemists and master herbologists can also help you develop a custom, remedy based formulation that addresses a specific need. To learn more, visit our Custom Formulations page.

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To learn more about our products available for private label, click the product name from the list below.

Anti-Aging BioFend Complex.   A1003

Antioxidant Formula with Fruit Power. A1006

Allergy Relief Formula. A1007

Agaricus Plus Mushroom Formula. A1008

Blood Sugar Support Formula. B1001

B-Complex Formula. B1003

Bone Density Formula. B1004

Calcium With Bioflavonoids. C1001

Beta Glucan Colostrum Plus B Complex. B1005

Digezyme Plus. D1003

Diet GCB Plus.   NEW

Diet Fuco Plus. F1002

Diet Phase 2® Plus. D1001

Diet Pyruvate Plus. D1002

Diet Trim Snax Formula: Chocolate Flavor. D1005

Diet Trim Snax Formula: Coffee Flavor. D1007

Diet Garcina Cambogia Plus. D1006

Energy Boost. E1001

Etazyme ®: 4 in 1 Anti-inflammation and Joint Formula. A1004

Eye-AREDS 1 Eye Formula. E1002A

Eye-AREDS 2 Eye Formula. E1002

Fruit Powder Concentrate. F1001

Grapefruit Seed Extract Plus Aloe. G1003

Brain Support Formula with Ginkgo Biloba.   G1005

Hearing Support Formula. H1002

HGH Amino Stack. H1003

Hangover Relief Formula. H1005

Hair – Natures Hair Plus. N1002

Hair, Skin and Nail. Formula. M1001

Immune Support Mushroom Formula. I1001

Liver Support Formula. L1001

Libido Fix. L1002

Memory Support Formula. M1009

Men’s Virile Energy. V1002

Men’s Natural Testosterone Boost Formula. T1001

MSM Plus. M1010

Multivitamin Plus Probiotics. M1006

Multi mineral Plus Probiotics. M1004

Nerve Support Formula. N1001

Oxygen Support Formula. O1001

Probiotic Delayed Release Formula. NEW

Pet Joint Formula. P1002

Pet Calm Formula. P1004

Petamint Formula. P1005

Phosphatidylserine Plus. P1007

Radiation Defense Formula. R1001

Reishi Complete Mushroom Formula. R1002

Resveritrol Quercitin Formula. R1003

Resveratrol Complete Formula. R1004

Sea Plant Complex. A1002

Sleep Herbal Formula. S1001

Sleep Melatonin 3mg Immediate Release Formula. S1003

Sleep Sustained Release Melatonin Formula. S1010

Snore Relief Formula. S1004

Stress Relief Formula. S1005

Stop Smoking Support Formula. S1006

Stop Smoking Support Lozenge. S1007

Vegetable Greens Concentrate. V1001

Women’s Libido Support Formula. W1001

Women’s PMS Herbal Formula. P1001

Women’s Prenatal Complete. W1007